Teaching Every Child with NO Child Left Behind and Letting Teachers be Teachers

Bob Baratta-Lorton was invited by Global Dream in India to give a virtual D-Talk (D as in disrupting the status-quo) to teachers and other educators in India or where ever else they might be. The topic Bob selected for himself is at the top of this page.

The format was something new for Bob. No visible audience. No faces other than his own on the screen after the moderator's introduction, until the moderator reappeared for question-time at the end of Bob's talk.

Bob has always enjoyed his visited to India and the time he has spent with teachers there. However, on none of Bob's visits to India, or anywhere else, has his presentation been video-taped and made available to him, so it could be shared with others.

This time, there is video to be shared.

The people watching in real time could submit questions for Bob to answer at the end of his talk. Bob wishes to offer any viewers of the video the same opportunity to ask anything they wish. For any questions you may have, feel free to email Bob at info@center.edu

The Video Link

Bob Baratta-Lorton's D-Talk

Clicking on "Show More" that appears below the video reveals a Table of Contents like the one below. Clicking on a time in that Table of Contents connects to that section of the video.

The "Show More" option does not appear on iPads and iPhones. Instead, click on the tiny "v" that appears just below the lower right-hand corner of the video.


00:03:52 This Talk will have four parts
Part One (guidelines and the Center)
00:04:36 The guidelines and the Ten No's list
00:05:46 1971-1972 Test results
00:08:58 Founding of the Center

Part Two (Bob and Mary as teachers)
00:10:16 Bob - age group swimming coach
00:12:05 The Intern Program - no educational background required
00:13:00 Mary - an almost librarian
00:13:35 The Intern Program
00:14:22 A disastrous first lesson
00:15:21 From Fifth to Second to Kindergarten
00:16:43 If and If

Part Three (what to do instead)
00:17:28 Starting from scratch
00:18:25 What Bob knew about teaching
00:20:12 The crying girl
00:22:40 A demonstration lesson
00:28:55 The class answer
00:32:24 Check your neighbor and have your neighbor check you
00:33:15 The patterns to be found in math
00:34:23 The reasons behind the Ten No's
00:38:31 A problem out the door

Part Four (sample lessons)
00:40:35 The search for patterns
00:41:32 Place value activities in Base Four
00:44:44 Concept - Connecting - Symbolic
00:51:19 Why different Bases? Three reasons
00:53:22 Multiplication matrices Base Three through Ten

00:59:54 Manipulatives
01:00:57 Formulas
01:04:00 Learning styles
01:05:24 Mary

01:08:11 How can other teachers create their own curriculum?
01:15:40 Would bringing parents and others inside the classroom to observe help?

01:18:16 Thoughts on assessments
01:22:28 What is your opinion on high-stake exams than determine student standing?
01:24:39 Elaborate on what you saw in the first two rows in that demonstration video
01:27:21 How can you reflect math in the rest of the curriculum?