Teaching Every Child to Read and to Write with NO Child Left Behind

174 D-Talks have now been given by speakers from 20 or so different countries. Bob is the only one of the 173 D-Talk speakers to be invited to give a second talk.

Bob's first talk was presented on a Wednesday at 11:00 AM IST and had an initial viewership of only a handful of people. Since that time, however, Bob's video has become the most watched of all the 174 D-Talk presentations, with more than three times as many viewer as the second most watched video. Bob's second talk is now the third most watched video and steadily moving towards being number-two.

The title of Bob's first D-Talk was Teaching Every Child with No Child Left Behind and Letting Teachers be Teachers. The curriculum that was the focus of that talk was mathematics. This time it's reading.

The people watching his reading presentation live could submit questions for Bob to answer at the end of his talk. Viewers of this video may email any questions they may have to Bob at reading@center.edu

The Video Link

Bob Baratta-Lorton's Second D-Talk

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00:01:25 What you should know before we begin
00:06:06 The Guidelines
00:07:33 Credibility 100% not just 99%

00:10:36 Teacher Reviews
Problems and Solutions
00:18:32 85% versus 15%
00:20:14 Analyzing the problems
00:21:19 Solving the problems
The 44 Sounds of English
00:27:41 Dekodiphukan - Teaching the 44 sounds of English
00:32:57 Sam’s story
00:37:14 The first eight sounds
00:40:37 Two and Three-Sound Flipbooks

Reading Program Student Activities
00:48:52 Components and Levels
00:50:39 Books
00:51:59 Picture Packets
00:55:16 Worksheets
01:02:46 Sightword Worksheets
01:07:44 Stamping
01:08:52 Creative Writing
Not Just English
01:13:50 Spanish
01:15:42 Hindi

Reading Program Kit Download
01:17:19 Reading Program workshop video
01:19:18 Classroom Kit download
01:21:07 Sound-Font download
01:23:36 Making Stamps
01:24:03 Teaching every child to read and write

01:25:12 The answer is Yes
14 Apps
01:25:48 The Apps
01:26:07 The Guide
01:26:33 The Apps (again)

01:27:49 Most of my students can read. Can I just use the kit for the ones who cannot?
01:29:44 Why does the Dekodiphukan book have two different names as Authors?

01:26:33 What happened to the kit the Center sent to India?