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Sound Stamps - Font

Letters and numbers below the sound pictures indicate the position of the downloaded fonts on the keyboard


(the name of the font when downloaded)

Font files are available for both Mac and Windows. Use the links below to download the zip (Windows) or sit (Mac) file to your computer desktop. Clicking on the appropriate link automatically downloads the file to your desktop. Install the font the way you would install any other new font on your computer. Use your computer's help system for specific instructions if necessary. Click on the Keyboard Template link below to download the Sound Stamps page above that shows where the installed sound-stamps are located on your keyboard.

Instructions for Making Stamps

While downloading the sounds as a font for use on your computer may be helpful, the actual Reading Program kit contains three sets of 44 sound-stamps. No sets of stamps are currently available for sale. However, if you wish to have sets of stamps made for home or classroom use, the fonts themselves are already in the "camera-ready artwork" form required for manufacturing rubber stamps. To have a set or sets of stamps made, simply print one of each of the sounds onto a piece of white paper and take the paper to a stamp-maker. A link to a sample Stamp-Making template is included next to the Keyboard Template link above. Stamp-makers can be found through a Google search of the phrase "rubber stamps". The font size used to produce the sets of stamps that are included in the Reading Program kit is 72. You may use this font size, or any size that suits your needs. To keep your costs to a minimum, you can have a single sheet of rubber produced from the one page of paper and then cut and mount the separate sounds onto pieces of wood.

Permission is granted for producing as many sets of stamps as you need for your teaching purposes. Stamps thus produced may not be marketed for resale.

One Teacher's Experience

Angela King found a source through which she had sets of stamps made. The company that made the sets for her still has the plate from which it made the stamps. The company is: Angela’s contact at is Stephanie. The plate is the dekodiphukan plate.

The cost for Angela was $15.00 per sheet for 1 to 14 sets and $12.00 per sheet for 15 or more sets, plus shipping and handling. Angela also ordered 5 one and one-fourth inch by twelve inch wood mounting strips. She said the strips were just enough to cut into 45 blocks on which to place the individual stamps. The stamps come on an 8 x 10 sheet, so each stamp has to be cut out. The stamps do have a self-adhering back, so adding the stamps to blocks of wood is easy. Her total cost was just shy of $40.00.

The ordering link is: