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School or District


City, State, Zip

School Phone, Fax Phone
Home Phone, Email Address


Site Fee Assessment Yes or No
Priority will be given to sites that provide it free of charge.
Estimated site fee to be charged:

Will you have a minimum of 15 participants?
Yes or No
Estimated number of participants:

Set-up Day Approval Yes or No
Instructor and workshop helpers set-up on the day before the workshop for approx. 2-3 hours.

Hosting Site Materials Yes or No
Each hosting site must make arrangements to provide the necessary materials for the workshop. May we ship workshop consumables to your site 3 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop?
Yes or No

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MATH THEIR WAY (check to confirm)
16-20 geoboards w/25 nails (wood preferred)
100+ geobands (large and small)
16+ junk boxes (with at least 80-100 items)
750 pattern blocks (wood preferred)
250 portion cups (1 oz. / 2 oz. size)
500 tiles (1" x 1", one color)
15 tubs (10 for actual stations plus extras)
2000 unifix cubes
500 wooden cubes
Requested Dates:

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Center for Innovation in Education
PO Box 2070
Saratoga, CA 95070-0070
Phone: (800) 395-6088
Fax: (408) 725-8146

Email: info@center.edu

Open 30-Hour Workshop (max. of 40)
Open to the public at large.
A minimum of 15 paid participants is required.
Closed 30-Hour Workshop (min. 35; max. 40) Limited to enrollments identified by hosting district. Host site agrees to pay for all spaces in a closed workshop.

Workshop Fees

$350 per person if received in advance of the first day of the workshop.

$375 per person if received on or after the first day of the workshop.

$25 Cancellation Fee per person if cancelled 14 business days prior to the workshop. No refund will be issued if cancelled after the 14 day deadline.

Enrollment fees may be paid by check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or purchase order. Canadian and international participants need to pay by international money order or credit card.

One Day Inservice (max. of 40) is $2,500 total.
$100 cancellation fee if cancelled 21 days prior to the inservice. $500 cancellation fee if cancelled after the 21 day deadline.

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BASIC ROOM NEEDS (check to confirm)
Room large enough to accommodate a maximum of 40 participants (e.g., large classroom, cafeteria, media center, or gym)
Air-conditioned rooms are needed for summer workshops for the comfort of participants & instructor.
Separate area/room designated for lunch break with tables and chairs (optional, but desired)
One adult-sized chair per participant (no cafeteria type benches)
12 tables (30” x 72”)
Overhead Projector or Document Camera
Rolling cart for projector or camera
Screen (at least 6” x 6”)

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MATH A WAY OF THINKING (check to confirm)
1/person - geoboard w/25 nails (wood preferred)
100+ geobands (large & small)
3000 centimeter cubes
250 portion cups (1 oz. size and 2 oz. size)
3000 unifix cubes
10 meter sticks or yard sticks
7 sheets of oak tag - 24" x 36" (poster board is okay)
1000-1500 tiles (1” square)
6 sets of pattern blocks (250/set)
1/person - tangrams
5 lbs. beans
Requested Dates: