Enrollment Information  

Math a Way of Thinking® (MWT)
Grades 2-6

Course Description

The Mathematics a Way of Thinking course is designed to help teachers implement Mathematics... A Way of Thinking in their classrooms. The course provides a rationale by which they can evaluate the worth of the materials used and the methodologies employed in the inductive method. The workshop emphasizes the implementation of the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards. A parallel purpose of the course is to provide teachers with a framework for implementing the use of a child-centered mathematics curriculum in the intermediate classroom.

  Course Titles & Numbers

  • First time (Level I) participants:
  • EDM 211 A ­ Mathematics a Way of Thinking
  • Second time (Level II) participants:
  • EDM 213 A ­ Brain Compatible Teaching
  • (A Level II Project is required.)

Course Text
Mathematics... A Way of Thinking by Bob Baratta-Lorton

  Materials to Bring on the first day...

  • crayons or felt tip markers
  • glue stick or equivalent
  • roll of masking tape
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • coffee mug and spoon (optional for tea or coffee)

Credit Information below...

Course Texts and other Materials
The course fee does not include the book for each course. You may take the workshop if you do not have a copy of the book. However, it is helpful to have access to a copy of it during the workshop. Books may be ordered through the Center's Materials Catalog, at the on-line store. If you are from out of town, you need not bring these additional materials.

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations must be made 10 days prior to the workshop.
  • A cancellation fee of $25 per person will be charged.
  • Cancellations received after the deadline will not receive a refund.

Please allow 4 weeks for us to process your refund.

Cancelled Workshops
The Center regrets that it is sometimes necessary to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances. Participants from cancelled workshops will be notified by telephone or mail prior to the first day of the workshop and will receive a full refund of paid enrollment fees.

Project for Level II Participants
If you have previously taken this workshop through Center Graduate College, you will be registered as a Level II student. To receive credit, you are expected to complete a project. Guidelines are as follows.

Pick one idea, area, or activity from your workshop or from the recommended text that you have experienced with students. Examples include: an activity in which students generated the data, organized it, and looked for patterns in a table or matrix; a graphing activity; or a science investigation.

Describe in writing:

  • its purpose (e.g., math concepts used)
  • how you introduced the idea or activity
  • how the children responded
  • anything you might do differently next time

Label the project with your name, course number, course title, and date completed. You may include pictures of students doing the activity and samples of their work.

Give the project to the instructor during the workshop. Verify with the instructor that your name is checked off the official class list as having turned in a project. Projects will not be returned. Do not mail your project to the Center before the workshop.

Participants who do not submit their projects before the end of the workshop will receive an "incomplete" on their transcript. The incomplete grade remains on the transcript until the Center receives the required project. Projects completed after the last day of the class must be mailed to the Center for Innovation in Education.

Credit Information


  • No additional fee
  • 3 semester units of graduate credit for workshops and follow-up courses
  • Center Graduate College is a California approved institution
  • Apply for credit at the workshop


  • No additional fee
  • 3 continuing education units (CEUs) for workshops
  • 2 continuing education units (CEUs) for follow-up courses
  • Apply for credit at the workshop


  • 3 units of professional development for workshops
  • 2 units of professional development for follow-up courses
  • $225 credit fee payable directly to LMU
  • Enrollees will receive an LMU information sheet listing assignment criteria
  • LMU is accredited by WASC* and CSCTC**
  • Units are university extension semester units for Postbaccalaureate Professional Development
  • See enclosed brochure and application
Direct your questions about LMU units to:
LMU Professional Development
Institute for Educators
6444 E. Spring St. Room 285
Long Beach, CA 90815-1500
Phone: (310) 338-1971
Fax: (310) 338-2706

Each of the fifty states and the many districts within each state differ in their policies for acceptability of units of credit. Check with either your district or state officials in advance of the workshop to determine whether any of the available credit options will serve the purpose for which you intend them. Participants may make any arrangements they wish with local colleges or universities for the transferability of credit for work successfully completed.

Neither Center Graduate College nor LMU is authorized to issue units of academic credit for workshops taken in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma or Pennsylvania. Center Graduate College's units of credit are not accepted in Kansas and North Dakota. In the nine states mentioned above, LMU has other credit options. For details, call LMU at (310) 338-1971.

Participants wishing to attend the workshop on an audit basis may do so. The fee for audit is the same as that for CEUs and Center Graduate College credit.

* WASC - Western Association of Schools and Colleges

** CSCTC - California State Commission on Teacher Credentialing