Baratta-Lorton Reading Program

aka Dekodiphukan


The Classroom Program
The Dekodiphukan Book

The full classroom version of Dekodiphukan is available to teachers as a free download from the Center's web site. Home-schooling parents may also to download the program.

Parents using the iPad Apps may download any section of the classroom program. They may also be interested in viewing the classroom components of the program to see how similar the iPad version is to its classroom sibling.

The link to the classroom download is here:

Classroom kit download

The Dekodiphukan book is available in App form for the iPad and is available as free download as part of the classroom program. The book is also available in hard copy format through through Lulu link below, or through

The price of a Dekodiphukan book ordered through Lulu is set by Lulu and not by the Center.

Dekodiphukan is available as an e-book for $5.99, or in traditional book form for $48.50.

Dekodiphukan at Lulu

The instuctions for the Dekodiphukan iPad Apps are included in The Guide. For parents wishing to have a paper copy of the lesson sequence that is contained in Sequence Part-1 and Part-2 of The Guide, a pdf copy of the Sequence is downloadable below

The Outlaw section of The Guide references downloading the EngReadPro font to make all the sounds available for your computer. The font download link is below.

iPad Sequence

EngReadPro Font download


Teacher Reviews and Comments

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