Baratta-Lorton Reading Program

aka Dekodiphukan


To add The Guide App to your iPad

From Safari on your iPad, log on to
Click on The Guide icon at the bottom of the home page
Click on the Square with the Up-Arrow in the tool bar
Choose the Add to Home Screen button
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The Classroom Program
The Dekodiphukan Book

The full classroom version of Dekodiphukan is available to teachers as a free download from the Center's web site. Home-schooling parents may also to download the program.

Parents using the iPad Apps may download any section of the classroom program. They may also be interested in viewing the classroom components of the program to see how similar the iPad version is to its classroom sibling.

Classroom Kit Download

Reading Program Video Presentation

The Dekodiphukan book is available in App form for the iPad and in PDF format by clicking on the PDF Copy button on the Home page. The book is also available in hard copy format through or through the Lulu link below.

The price of a Dekodiphukan book ordered through either Lulu or Amazon is currently $57.00.

If the link below does not work, simply type into your browser and search for "Dekodiphukan".

Dekodiphukan at Lulu

The instructions for the Dekodiphukan iPad Apps are included in The Guide. For parents wishing to have a paper copy of the lesson sequence that is contained in Sequence Part-1 and Part-2 of The Guide, a pdf copy of the Sequence is downloadable below

The Outlaw section of The Guide references downloading the EngReadPro font to make all the sounds available for your computer. The font download link is below.

iPad Sequence

EngReadPro Font Download


About the Author of the Apps

Bob Baratta-Lorton was one of three people from his graduating class selected to make a presentation to his college classmates at their 50th Reunion. The panel's theme was Pushing the Boundaries. The brochure describing the panel's presentation to his fellow reunion participants said: "Panelists will contribute their stories of life adventures and redirections, living and working in unfamiliar territories, and functioning outside of their comfort zones."

We feel that Bob's October 21st, 2011 presentation to his classmates encapsulates his own teaching background, his beliefs about education, the founding of the Center, and the creation of the Apps. Since Bob's college has released a video of the panel's presentation, we have provided a link to the video below.

The format was for each panel member to make a ten to twelve minute presentation. The balance of the time was then open to questions or comments from the roughly 300 people in attendance. While Bob thinks the entire hour and forty minute presentation is interesting - after all, these are his college classmates - We have included a list below of the times of Bob's appearances, so people wishing to learn more about the author of the Dekodiphukan Apps may access just Bob's contributions.

00:25:50 Bob's introduction by panel moderator
00:27:02 Bob's 11:27 minute presentation begins
00:56:48 Mentor question
00:57:06 Bob's response
00:59:21 Doubts about career choice question
01:00:44 Bob's response
01:03:14 Why 5th grade question
01:03:36 Bob's response
01:05:02 Transition to the wider world question
01:06:52 Bob's response
01:31:40 Bob's response to an indirect question about funding
01:34:48 What will you be doing ten years from now question
01:36:27 Bob's Response

Class of '61 Panel: Pushing the Boundaries

Teacher Reviews and Comments

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