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The Center for Innovation in Education is…
the leading provider of math inservice in the country. Our courses are aligned with both the NCTM and Common Core Standards.

- Math Their Way (Grades TK-K-2)
- Math a Way of Thinking (Grades 2-6)

Our math programs provide a manipulative-based, activity-centered approach to mathematics. They focus on children developing an understanding of and insight into the patterns of mathematics, while emphasizing the basic arithmetic operations necessary to meet skill-based standards.

30-Hour Workshops
- FREE to host (attendees pay their own way).
- Workshops may have from 15 to 40 participants.
- College credit is available in most states.
- Enrollment fee is waived for 1 volunteer helper for 15 or more paid enrollees.

- Enrollment fee is waived for 2 volunteer helpers for 25 or more paid enrollees.

Volunteer Helpers (with 15 or more paid enrollees)

Volunteer helpers are allowed to attend the workshop at no charge in exchange for volunteering their time to support our instructors. Helpers assist the instructor on set-up day, which usually occurs on the day before the workshop begins and an hour before and after each day of the class. Helpers also have the same credit options as the participants. No helpers are needed for workshops with less than 15 enrollees.

Scheduling Options
- Workshops may be scheduled on weekdays, over weekends, or a combination of both.
- Workshops may be scheduled in a 4 or 5 day format.

- 5 day format – 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a half hour lunch.
- 4 day format – 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with an hour lunch.

$350.00 per person if paid in advance of the first day of the workshop.
$375.00 per person if paid on or after the first day of the workshop.

The Center covers the cost of the instructor, including travel and housing expenses. The hosting site provides the workshop manipulatives. The participants provide their own copies of the recommended texts and the materials to bring each day. Examples of appropriate manipulatives are found on the following page.

Workshops open to the general community of teachers are posted on the Center’s website within two weeks of the receipt of the hosting application--after the school or district has been contacted by Center staff to confirm the details.

Hosting schools and/or districts may click the appropriate button at the top of this page to download promotional fliers which may be used to advertise locally.

Contact us if you have any questions
Phone: (800) 395-6088
Fax: (408) 725-8146
Email: info@center.edu

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