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Some of these cards have a page two which is the back of the card. You will need to print page one, turn it over and print page two on the backside. Then you can cut on the guidelines to get the cards.

Some of the card guidelines do not show on your screen, but will print out.

  • Assessment Cards 1-3: Rote Counting, One-to-one Correspondence, & Instant Recognition
  • Assessment Cards 4-6: Conservation of Number, Counting Backwards, & Estimation of Quantities
  • Assessment Cards 7-9a: Numeral Recognition, Numeral Writing, & Simple Addition and Subtraction Concept Level
  • Assessment Cards 9b-d: Simple Addition and Subtraction Connecting Level, Simple Addition and Subtraction Symbolic Level, & Visualization
  • Assessment Cards 10a-c: Building Large Numbers Concept Level, Building Large Numbers Connecting Level, & Building Large Numbers Symbolic Level
  • Assessment Cards 11a-c: Regrouping Concept Level, Regrouping Connecting Level, & Regrouping Symbolic Level

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