Follow-up Classes

These sessions are provided by the Center for continuing support for teachers who have taken Math Their Way, Math a Way of Thinking, and Making Science a Verb courses. Follow-up courses provide encouragement and guidance as teachers begin to apply the strategies and ideas in their classrooms that they experienced at the initial 30 hour workshop. During the follow-up, teachers set goals to create an engaging mathematical learning environment for their students. The goal is for students to develop the ability to think about and use mathematics in the real world. There are opportunities to learn from other participants. There is also time during each follow-up session to share personal experiences in using these programs.

Scheduled Classes

  • Locations & dates announced at the initial 30 hour workshop
  • Classes in areas where the Center has sponsored workshops
  • Fall/Winter semester courses
  • Courses meet 20 hours, divided into several class meetings

For any questions that you may have concerning Follow-up workshop sessions, please email

For locations and dates, call: (800) 395-6088.

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Other Workshops:

Math Their Way (TK-K-2)

Math a Way of Thinking (2-6)

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