Math Their Way

This primary math workshop ...
    • Focuses on children developing an understanding of and insight into the patterns of mathematics.
    • Helps teachers understand how children can build relationships and interconnections in mathematics.
    • Establishes an environment where learners deal flexibly with mathematical ideas and concepts.
    • Emphasizes the implementation of the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics and Common Core Standards.
    • Provides opportunity to observe an experienced classroom teacher introducing, demonstrating, and modeling a variety of activities used throughout the year.
    • Illustrates the importance of the teacher's role in observing children, keeping anecdotal records, and posing open-ended questions.
    • Compatible with most states' Standards.
    Math Their Way book

     Course Texts 
    Mathematics Their Way,
    written by Mary Baratta-Lorton
    Mathematics Their Way Summary Newsletter, principal writer and editor, Cynthia Garland-Dore
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     Course Number 
    EDM 201A  - Mathematics Their Way

     Course Fee 

    • $350 per person if received prior to the workshop
    • $375 per person if received at or after the start of the workshop
    • One Day Inservice (maximum of 40 participants - $2,500)

    Enrollment and Credit information & what to bring on the first day of the workshop.

    Math Their Way Course Syllabus is a .pdf file that can be viewed and printed. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 3 or higher. Acrobat Reader is free here.



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