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Note One: Workshops setup by schools or districts that have reserved ALL spaces for school or district personnel will not appear in the search results.

Leaving the default [All] for any choice will display all workshops that meet the remaining criteria. For instance, leaving the city at the default [All] will display workshops for all cities that meet the criteria specified for Workshop Type, Workshop City and Workshop State/Province. State/Province and Country function the same way.

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To see a list of all Summer workshops for either "Math Their Way" (TK-K-2) or "Math a Way of Thinking" (2-6), choose whichever you wish, leave all other selections at their default setting and press "Start Search".

To select all workshops in the USA, choose "USA" for Country and leave city and State/Province at the default [All]

To select all international workshops, choose "International Only" for Country and leave city and State/Province at the default [All]

Note Two: If you feel there is enough interest in your local area, but no workshop is presently scheduled near you, you may choose to host a workshop in your area. Hosting is free. Information on hosting is available on our website.