Two and Three-Sound Booklets

The Two and Three-Sound Booklets represent the child’s first experience in reading the sounds on his or her own.  There are 24 books at the two-sound level - 8 triangle, 4 circle, 4 square, 4 rectangle and 4 star.  There are 20 books at the three-sound level - 4 each at each of the five levels.

Two Reasons
In each of the Booklets app's books, the word to be read is on one page and an illustration of the word’s meaning is on that page’s flip side.  There are two reasons for this particular arrangement of words and illustrations.

There is nothing else for the child to look at on the word page but the word.  There is no illustration to distract the child from the word or to provide contextual clues as to what the word might be.  The child may not always be able to read the word correctly but most certainly the child cannot ignore it.  If the child cannot read the word, or is unsure of his or her reading, pressing the play button plays its sounds.

When words and pictures are on the same page, the child can use the picture to guess the word.  The Booklets app's books remove the guessing option and give the child the opportunity to read the word and to know that he or she is reading.

As the child reads the word, he or she forms a mental image of what kind of illustration is to be found on the following page.  If the word read is “cat”, the child expects to see a picture of a cat on the next page.  The child then presses the flip-arrow and sees if he or she was right about what was read.

Booklets provides the child both the opportunity to read and the opportunity for immediate feedback on the correctness of that reading.  The word read on the word page gives the child the power to know in advance what kind of picture might be on the flip side. If the child is unable to blend the sounds on the word page, the play button on the picture page plays the word.

Picture Packet Prequel
It is necessary for the child to read the Booklets app's books at each level before beginning the Picture Packets-Words at that same level – plain triangle books come before plain triangle Picture Packets-Words, happy-face triangle books come before happy-face triangle Picture Packets-Words, and so on.  The words and pictures in each Booklets app book use exactly the same words and pictures that the child will encounter on the corresponding Picture Packets-Words pages.