Dekodiphukan Storybook


Dekodiphukan (pronounced “decode if you can”) is a children's storybook written in rhyme.  The events in the story provide the rationale for why each of the forty-four sound pictures represents the particular sound that it does.

It is easier to correctly identify the sound of a phoneme when the phoneme is at the end of a word.  Rhyming is used to facilitate correct sound-phoneme pronunciation.

The Dekodiphukan Storybook is meant to be read initially by the parent or teacher to the child.  An audio track is provided on each page to assist parents or teachers who are unsure of pronunciations, or who prefer to listen along with their child as the story is being read. The audio also permit the child to “read” and “reread” the storybook as often as he or she wishes, without waiting for an adult reader.

For effective learning to take place in the home environment, the child should be able to share his or her reading and writing experiences with every other member of the family – young and old.  When, for example, the child uses the Stamping App to write his or her own stories, the more family members who can read what the child has written, the more rewarding the writing experience is for the child.

To facilitate this sharing, every member of the family should learn the same 44 sound phonemes as the child is learning. This can be accomplished either by having every family member read or listen to the Dekodiphukan Storybook, or for older family members, using either the Wall Sound Cards or the Sound Summary page to learn the sounds without listening to the Storybook.

Wall Sound Cards
The Wall Sound Cards link at the bottom of this page leads to sheets of downloadable and printable images of the 44 sounds – four sounds to a sheet, eleven sheets altogether.  As each set of four sounds is learned, a sheet may be posted on any available wall space in the home – in the child’s bedroom, or on a kitchen wall, for example.  The Wall Sound Cards permit the child and every other family member to continually review the sounds and their images.

To copy the Wall Sound Cards to your desktop click on the Wall Sound Cards link.  On the Wall Sounds Card page, click on the number link for the cards you wish to select. Drag the four-sound page that appears to your desktop. Close the Window.  Make your next selection in the same manner.  You may also use the "right-click" option for downloading if it is available on your computer.

The Wall Sound Cards may be viewed and/or printed using any software that can read JPEG (photo) documents.

The Wall Sound Cards may also be viewed on and printed from an iPad.

Sound Summary
The Sound Summary link below produces a downloadable and printable page that provides teachers, parents and older children who are already readers a guide to the 44 sounds.  Each image is accompanied by a word that contains the sound for that image.  This page can also be sent by parents to friends and relatives to serve as a key which the recipient may use in decoding the writing the child may eventually wish to share. To create your own copy of the Sound Summary click on the link below and drag the page that appears to your desktop.

The Sound Summary may also be viewed on and printed from an iPad.