Picture Packets - Phrases

The prerequisites for beginning Phrase Picture Packets are knowing all of the sounds and being able to blend two and three sound words without any audio hints.

The child uses the same sliding technique for the phrases as he or she used for Picture Packets-Words. Phrases matched correctly with their picture stay put. Phrases matched incorrectly bounce pack to their starting point.

The difficulty for the child who is learning to blend two and three sound words is in hearing the word formed by the sounds.  At the phrase level the child already knows how to blend sounds together to form words.  The challenge for the child now is remembering each of the words already blended so that by the time he or she has finished blending the last word, the child still remembers the earlier words blended.  The phrase level gives practice in this remembering.

The phrase level Picture Packets reuse all the pictures from the word level pages, except those pages that contained letters of the alphabet as their “pictures”.

Although the phrase-level Picture Packet pages are coded with the same geometric shapes as were the two and three-sound Picture Packets, the codings no longer indicate the number of sounds that must be known in order to read the words.  The child may do the pages in any order.