Picture Packets - Words

There are 24 Picture Packet pages at the two-sound level - 8 triangle, 4 circle, 4 square, 4 rectangle and 4 star.  There are 20 Picture Packet pages at the three-sound level - 4 each at each of the five levels. Each Picture Packet page corresponds to its prerequisite Booklet.

Picture Packets have sets of ten different words and ten different pictures on each page.  The ten words and ten pictures in each booklet teach the child which picture represents which word at each level and for each color code.

The child places his or her finger on a word in the left-hand column and slides it over to the picture in the right-hand column that represents the meaning of that word.  If the child selects the correct picture, the word stays where it is placed.  If an incorrect picture is selected, the word bounces back to its starting point in the words column. A page is complete when ten words are matched to ten pictures.

When sliding the word, the child’s finger must come in contact with the picture being matched.  Simply having the image of the sliding word touch the picture without the child’s actually touching the picture as well may cause the word to bounce back as if the match were incorrect.

Picture Packets contain no audio hints.  Children at this level must read the word and match it to its meaning based on their own unaided blending of the sounds into words.

The child may continue to read and reread the words on one page as long as he or she wishes. Each time all the words on a page are matched to all the pictures, pressing the curved arrow in the upper right-hand corner moves all the words to their starting point in a different order. Each time the curved arrow is pressed, the words are randomly distributed once again.

The triangle, circle, square, rectangle and star levels for the Booklets match the same levels for the Picture Packets. In this case, the color codings match as well. When the child can read a booklet without the audio hints, the child is ready for the corresponding Picture Packet page.