Frequently Asked Questions


To date, there have been over 100,000 Dekodiphukan apps downloaded around the world. We have yet to be asked a question we could include in a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

While we have received a steady stream of queries, the answers so far have been provided by clarifying the instructions for the particular apps for which the questions have arisen.

We continue to welcome your questions. We will answer them either by replying to you directly or here when the need arises. We will also continue to modify the instructions for each app as points that need more clarity are made known to us.

Send questions and comments to: reading@center.edu



To add The Guide App to your iPad

From Safari on your iPad, log on to www.center.edu
Click on The Guide icon at the bottom of the home page
Click on the Square with the Up-Arrow in the tool bar
Click on the Add to Home Screen button
Click on Add