Reading Worksheets

Two and Three-Sound Worksheets
The Reading Worksheets represent the child’s second effort to read the sounds on his or her own.  There are 40 worksheets at the two-sound level - 14 triangle, 10 circle, 6 square, 6 rectangle, and 4 star.  There are also 40 worksheets at the three-sound level - 8 each at each of the five levels.  There are 40 worksheets at the phrase level, as well.  The heart coding for the phrase level indicates that all 44 sounds must be introduced before this level is begun.

Introduced in Parallel
The triangle, circle, square, rectangle and star codings for the Reading Worksheets match the codings for the Two and Three-Sound Flipbooks and the Booklets. As triangle level Booklets app books are introduced, triangle level worksheets can be introduced in parallel. When the circle level is introduced in Booklets, the circle level worksheets can be introduced, and so on. Three-sound books are also matched with three-sound worksheets.

Read the Word - Touch the Picture
At the two and three-sound levels, the child reads the word on the worksheet and touches the picture that matches the word.  If the correct picture is touched, the word will play.  If the child cannot recall the sound for an image, he or she can touch the image and the sound for that image will play.

Before Picture Packet Words
Reading Worksheets are introduced in parallel with Booklets but before the Picture Packets-Words app because the worksheets are inherently easier than Picture Packets-Words.  Worksheets with their “this one or that one” picture selection offer the child two choices, one of which is guaranteed to be correct.  The sound-image and picture-answer audios offer readily available hints in the sound-blending process.

The Introduction Waits
Picture Packet-Words
, on the other hand, present the child with ten different words to match with ten different pictures on each page with no audio clues. The introduction of Picture Packet-Words waits until the child is ready to read without the aid of audio hints.

Heart-Level Phrase Worksheets
The heart-level phrase worksheets are introduced after the child has completed all of the two and three-sound worksheets and begun using the Stamping app for creative writing.

Before Picture Packet Phrases
Phrase-level worksheets contains a maximum of four words with the longest word a maximum of four sounds.  The phrase-level worksheets are introduced before Picture Packets-Phrases for the same reason the two and three-sound worksheets are introduced before Picture Packets-Words.

Phrase worksheets offer the child two choices, one of which is guaranteed to be right.  Even if the child cannot read the whole phrase, the picture choice may offer enough clues to make what is readable sufficient for selecting an answer.  At the phrase level, the sound-images are no longer linked to audio hints. However, the child can touch the picture for the answer he or she thinks is correct and hear an audio reading of the phrase.

The Introduction Waits Again
The introduction of Picture Packets Phrases waits until the child is ready to read sound-image phrases without the aid of audio hints.